How to optimize your Job and Performance?

Any candidate looking at your advert will be asking themselves these questions:

  • What will I be doing?
  • Where and When will I be working?
  • What experience/qualifications do I need to bring/prove?
  • What will I be earning?
  • What benefits are offered?
  • What company will I be working for?

It’s important that you answer all these questions in a clear and concise way as it will make the candidate click that apply button and you will be one step closer to filling your vacancy!

Here are some points you would want to focus on:

Job description content

Keep your description informative but brief. Only focus on the major responsibilities and how the role relates to the overall business. 

Additional tips:​

  • Keep your introduction limited to 4 sentences if possible​
  • Include some information about the end client if you can​
  • What are your differentiators vs. other competitors ​
  • Example: “A rapidly growing organization/a global leader/industry leader with strong company history/culture…​

Include relevant requirements and qualifications only. Make sure you’re differentiating between any “must have” skills and preferred skills.​ 

Additional tips:​

  • Use bullet points, not blocks of text! 5-7 bullet points is usually sufficient​
  • Sprinkle the job title and relevant keywords at least 4-6 times throughout the ad to increase SEO and relevancy​
  • Keyword cramming is outdated and can negatively affect your visibility​
  • Example: Requirements for an Account Executive include…​

Spelling mistakes – Nothing says unprofessional like typographical errors in a job posting. Don’t just spell check your job posting; make sure it is free of grammatical Errors.

Add Salary/Benefits - Any time you can add pay or compensation information within the posting, it is highly recommended to do so. It is also worth looking into the difference of salary that is offered within different companies for the same roles. If the salary is not the same, it is always smart to include benefits that might convince the jobseeker to apply for your position instead!

Company Information - Don’t spend too much effort on the company description within your job posting. For an additional cost you can create a professional looking company profile with all your company information, benefits, and jobs listed.

​Layout - At one sitting, job seekers, as do employers, have limited time allotted to spend searching and applying for jobs. For this reason, your job postings need to be structured in a way that is easy to read.

When you create your advert you want it to look inviting to the applicant. It’s where you can be most creative and set your company apart. We’ve created a list of do’s and don’ts for you to keep in mind when constructing your advert.


  • Bullet points. Bullet points opens up the text and makes it look lighter. It’s more reader friendly.
  • Mobile friendly. Many job seekers use their mobile devices to look for and apply to jobs. Keep this in
  • mind when constructing the advert.
  • What you want to see. The best piece of advice to keep in mind is to think: ‘how is my experience looking at this’. If you get lost in your own text how will it look to someone else?
  • Keep it consistent. When you create your advert make sure that everything is kept in the same font and writing style. It gives the advert a professional look.


  • Avoid walls of text. The applicant isn’t going to spend their time reading it all. That means important information may get lost and you’ve wasted your time writing it. Smaller sections are viewer friendly.
  • Avoid long descriptions about the area. It makes it seem like you’re advertising it and not the position you want filled. The applicant is likely to avoid applying and your want your vacancies filled.
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