What is phishing?

Phishing is a a fraudulent scheme designed to deceive individuals into revealing personal or confidential information. Malicious actors often impersonate legitimate companies with the intention of obtaining financial data, personal details or account/login credentials. Phishing communications usually contain infected links, attachments, or documents and are typically carried out through email, phone calls or text messages.

• If you receive an email/ text message that you suspect might be a phishing attempt, we recommend that you exercise the greatest vigilance before you decide whether to click on the URL within the message or not!

• If you receive an email, please be sure to check the destination URL on the link contained within BEFORE attempting to login or submit any information. By simply hovering your mouse pointer over the URL, many email applications will display information on where the URL actually takes you.

• If you receive a phone call that you suspect might be a phishing attempt, we recommend that you do not answer the call or press any numbers and do not reveal any personal information.

If you feel that you have been a victim of Fraud, we recommend that you contact your local authorities as well as the company which name was used, and perhaps consider blocking the email / phone number.

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